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When I was screwing around trying to bring back old animations for first-person models, I managed to bring back the old reload animation for Engie's pistol seen in older versions of TF2C because they included an unused animation which is a backup of the said animation. After decompiling the model, there's just one problem I had to deal with: THE CASINGS APPEAR IN THE WRONG FUCKING SPOT.

When I tested the animation in-game, I saw that the bullet casings appear in front of the muzzle when firing instead of the ejection port. This bugged me out a lot since I didn't change anything else other than just the reload animation and I used Crowbar to decompile and compile the model. I still can't seem to figure out what the hell might be causing this, nor how do I fix it. If you guys happen to find the cause and more specifically, how do I fix the bug, feel free to tell me.


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