How do i mod sounds?

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help me guys how do i mod sounds Not Birthday Bash. but i want it but i record BAL_Hi on Audacity but it didnt work (of course)
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    are you using UnityEx or UABE?

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  • Ok so this is my detailed tutorial on how to mod audio in Baldi's Basics (It should work for Birthday Bash too and also it works for multiple audio at once.)
    Things you will need
    • Notepad++
    • Unity
    • UABE
    • Baldi's Basics(Birthday Bash or normal) itself
    1. Record your sounds 
    • I preferably use Audacity, record your sound by clicking the red circle and to stop recording press the black square. Trim unnecessary parts or quiet parts so the sound isn't too long or long at all
    • Next thing is press file at thre top left and then press export and then click "Export as WAV"
    • Now what you have to do is, to explain this I will do an example. If you were doing an audio like lets say "BAL_Math_Minus" lets do that. usually the normal file would be something like "Bal_Math_Minus-sharedassets2-23-AudioClip" what you have to do is name your recorded audioclip by deleting the -sharedassets(#)-(numbers)-AudioClip
      so Bal_Math_Minus-sharedassets2-43-AudioClip would be Bal_Math_Minus.
    2. Unity
    • Now open up Unity and then if you are making multiple audio to put at the same time then make a folder and put your audios there. Then drag that file into the Unity Editor.
    • Then open your folder and drag all of your audios into the 3d world thing in the top middle that covers most of the screen.
    • After you did that click "File"  at the top left" and then click "Build Settings". Don't touch anything just like build.
    • A window should come up for where you want to put the destination. Make a new folder and then name it something like Test
    • After you open your folder stuff will be there. Go the "(UnityGameName)_Data" Folder and then go to sharedassets0.resource, it's at the bottom, then copy it and paste it back to main Test Folder (with the thing_Data Unity Player.dll and all of that) and then rename it into something you can remember later we'll need it
    4. Dumps and Notepad++

    • After you pasted it go UABE and then go to the "(UnityGameName)_Data and then go to sharedassets0.assets and then after that a windows comes up saying there is no database Click 5.5.0f3 or something like that line
    • Select all of the audioclips you did and then click "Export Dumps" no make a new folder called something like "Dumps"
    • if you got to that folder it will have the text files. First delete the -sharedassets0.assets-232 or something and then unless you want the process to take a  billion year then select all of the files and click "Edit with Notepad++" With my experience just opening up Notepad++ doesn't work so remember to do that.
    • Then go to "Search" at the top left and then click replace with that
    • then in the "Find What" Box type this -> sharedassets0.resource. In the "Replace" Box type the .resource file you renamed that has your sounds. Then click "Replace in all Opened Documents" and then exit the window. Now press "File" -> Save All -> Close All -> Close Notepad++
    5. Finally importing your sound

    • Before you import your sound go to your resource file in your unity folder and put it in the Baldi_Data folder
    • Now open up UABE and then select the audio you edited (you might want to go back and fourth to edit the audio that's not perfectly lined up with organization) and then click "Import Dump" and then press the Dumps folder and click Select Folder. 
    • Now what you have to do is match the files. To edit a file click on the file name you want to edit and then click "Edit" and then click the dumps file that matches the audio. Do it with all of your audio files and then. press ok.  Now the last step. Press File and then Save. and then close UABE and then drag the sharedassets2.assets to the Baldi_Data and replace the file with the new file. And then you're done
    Finally this took forever to make. THanks for seeing!

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