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I've been trying to replace the audio files for characters cutscene voices. I've gotten as far as being able to replace the ADX files with what I want, but I have no way of knowing which files I need to replace. I can't open the ADX files, and when converting it over, nothing works properly and it plays random high pitched sounds. Is there any other way I can figure out which file is which?
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    Retro has a list of the voices in the AFS here:

    They make sure both the English and Japanese AFS files have the same list of files by filling in blank spaces with beeping sounds.
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    To open ADX files use VLC Media Player
    There's a link: https://www.videolan.org/vlc%2F
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    I’m pretty certain the AFS file includes WAV files and not ADXs. 

    I re-distributed an ADX Converter/Player. If you would like to get it, check out my submissions feed or the tools for SADX on this site. Short explanation- these two programs allow you to convert a WAV & AIFF files to ADX and to play ADX/WAV/AIFF files. 

    But as for all the voice files in event_adx_e.afs, I’m pretty dang sure they’re all 16 bit PCM WAV files. 

    Hope this helps a bit!
    Ah shoot, here we go again
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