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hello. I am working on finale stage of my campaign. I did everything for finale in hammer editor.
and I started setting nav meshes. I marked everywhere of the map with FINALE attribute. 
I added CHECKPOINT attribute in safe room. after I did all these I hit nav_analyze on the console.
I updated my map by adding RESCUE_VEHICLE attribute on the rescue zone and connected with 
floor and I hit nav_analyze once again. but my nav meshes did not receive ESCAPE_ROUTE attribute
automatically and survivor bots do not move to area that I marked with RESCUE_VEHICLE when rescue arrives.

is there something missing? zombies can rush to rescue zone to attack me but bots dont recongize
it. My map is small open area with a house middle of it. rescue zone nav mesh is blocked even the rescue comes

should I make the map bigger? or mark the only small radius of the map with FINALE? 

or my map needs more nav attributes like BATTLEFIELD etc. I believe.



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