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I need help for a mod

Well, im trying to make a Sonic Mania Plus mod that Replaces Mighty and Ray With Red Sonic and Yellow Sonic (SegaSonic Bros). I ripped the Red Sonic and Yellow Sonic sprites from Modern, the creator of Sonic Mania and Sonic Plus (dont worry ill credit him when i release the mod) but when i was making the mod, i kinda needed an idea that is ''what animation Yellow Sonic should have when 'gliding' in mid-air'' and the sprites Modern used for the glide of yellow sonic (Ray) was very strange and idk what animation i should put and im not even good at making sprites. Help.
  • Well according to one of the sheets (the one on the front page) you took my sprites, and lazily slapped it onto the sheet without even recoloring it. And I don't recall giving you permission.

    (I let Xanman use them for Mighty Styled Sonic. Familiar?)
    Youre giving me a little Mania
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    6d 6d stole Modern's SM&S R.Sonic and """""""""""""credited""""""""""""" him in the desc, for """""""""""""ripping""""""""""""" them

    2. you don't have perms to use SSBM/SSBMM's thumbnail, My boi Red sonic doesn't even use the same sprites nor does Yellow Sonic

    it's a recolor
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