New CS:GO Case! (Prisma Case)

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Adding Ursus Knife Chroma Finishes 1mo
  • - Adding the Chroma Knife finishes to this pack once all inspection links are available for the Doppler series.

Currently, the Doppler (Ruby) and Doppler (Phase 1) inspection links for the Ursus Knife | Doppler are unavailable, so I have to wait for these to surface on the market to obtain the textures for them.

Edit: I just photoshopped the ruby texture from the sapphire texture. Easier said than done.
Edit again: Finally someone unboxed the phase 1 doppler and put it onto the market. All Ursus knife Chroma finishes are now ported.

Basically, what this means is that you'll be able to choose your Ursus Knife's skin (Chroma finishes only) in my next mod pack - WHICH IS NOT THE GALAXY PACK, KEEP THIS IN MIND

This next mod will feature an installation program I made for installing the skins!

CS:GO has a new case, the Prisma Case.
Expect an upload of skins to come from this case very soon.
I'll start uploading "Factory New" variants of skins from this case to my CS:GO mods in the future...
...perhaps a release of the entire case as one pack? Who knows...

Who's excited?

Edit: I just finished porting all the skins in their best conditions / wear PLUS a chroma finish for one of the knives, the Ursis Knife | Marble Fade

Edit again:
The entire case is now ported onto my game.
Expect two new additional weapons to choose from.


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Family emergency. On break.

smash-cs mod submitters steal from me. Such a sad time we live in, eh?

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