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I have no clue how this site works and why you need to acquite points to get different essential perks like "Quick Download", but I need to know how do I at least rate? Is it also hidden behind a point wall?
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    Should be posted in general gamebanana threads help section.

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    I hate point farmers.
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    Depending on where you're accessing the site from, there's two ways to rate a submission. There's a "Scores" tab in each submission, under which there's also an "Add rating" button. If you're on mobile, that tab will be on the bottom of the page (above the footer), whereas on PC, it's to your right, under the submitter's avatar. 

    Click on that button, and you'll be then presented with two options (or modes): Simple and Enhanced. Choose whichever you like and then you'll be able to give a rating. 
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    The Quick Download unlock isn't really essential for the site since it was reworked. The only thing it does is remove the need to actually go to the submission page directly to download the submission by letting users who own the unlock to download it directly from the list of submissions instead. It's literally just one less page of navigation, so it's more for convenience than an actual necessity.

    Rating a submission is not locked behind anything. You can do so by clicking on the Add Rating button (shown below). Keep in mind that your rating will be marked as unjustified if you don't leave any feedback in the comments section of the submission (either before or after rating the submission in question), so you may want to leave your feedback first before you rate anything.

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