Future of Mighty Chaos & more!

A Forum Thread for Sonic Chaos

Hello there! So... Future of Mighty Chaos... Is gonna be cool! Soon all the animations are gonna be complete and then... just gotta wait for full Sonic Chaos re-make ;)

News about Mighty Chaos :
1.Mighty Chaos is gonna be re-named to "Sonic Chaos Encore"
2.There are going to be NEW animations in full relese.
3.Metal Sonic was going to be the villain but then i changed it to Metal Mighty but then... I choose EggMan...
4.Maybe new music.
5.Mighty is gonna be more red'ish.

So... That's it for Mighty Chaos... Let's go to other stuff!

Other :

1.Doki Doki Chaos is still worked in progress! (just wait)
2.Grand Dad Chaos is still worked in progress! (just wait)
3.Return of Somari Gay-Os??? -> I'm planning to revive Somari Gay-Os but im not 100% sure...

Future mods planned :

1.Chaos Chaos (Chevil's Chaos)
2.Sonic Chaos : Mania-fied
3.Big Chaos (Big Chungus Chaos)
4.Shadow Chaos
5.Amy Chaos
6.Blaze Chaos
7.Silver Chaos
8.Sticks Chaos
9.BOOM Chaos
10.EXE Chaaaaaaa
11.Sans Chaos

Subscribe to me on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBFftZEqQeShB2rCWN_mrLQ?view_as=subscriber

Check out my GameJolt too : https://gamejolt.com/@Kubabek_Gaming

Thx for reading :)
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  • iulian204 avatar
    iulian204 Joined 10d ago
    Hey! Can you do Mania-fied Sonic Chaos before Chaos Chaos, please? :D
    (I tried to do Mania-fied myself but the animations become broken, and no I didn't just replaced the Chaos one with the Mania one, copy pasted each frame from Mania to Chaos one, but it got to the point where the is no space, and moving the frames one pixel to the left or right actually breaks it)
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    TattleangusMLG Joined 2mo ago
    I Left Scrub
    The Fun Gang Mods Flag Affiliation: The Fun Gang Mods
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    TattleangusMLG The Fun Gang Mods Flag
    The Fun Gang Mods
    I've Actually Made A Sonic.exe Chaos Mod Before, It's Withheld Till I Get Some Screen Shots Ready

    If You Wanna See The Mod Go To DaveAce's YT Channel (He Used To Do Vids... He's On Twitch Now)
    Your Average Loser :Y avatar
    Your Average Loser :Y
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Kubabek B Joined 9mo ago
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Kubabek B
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