Memory Accsess Violation Error AFTER 2 SECONDS

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Yes, yes, I know that there already was a problem like that, but, I have this error 2 seconds after turning on the game. It's just bullshit! I tried every method I've seen on YouTube videos and nothing! I still get that frickin' error!
Pls help.
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  • One thing that could be causing it is a problem with your xml files, make sure they have the backslash.
    It should look like this:
    <stage name="Insert Stage Mod Name Here"/>
    Hope this helps
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    Here is my message from previous post with this error. Maybe it will help you.

    Looks like i found a solution to this error. All you need to do is lower down game settings and launch it as administrator, and that will work (it works for me at least). So here is what i did. I lowered down these settings:
    Screen resolution: 1280x720
    Depth of Field: OFF
    Shadows: Realistic
    Motion Blur: OFF
    Sun Rays: OFF
    Lens Flare: OFF
    Bump Maps: ON
    3D Sounds: ON
    Plants: ALL
    And then i run the game as administrator and played it like for 2 hours at different stages, and there were no crashes, no errors, nothing. So yeah, try it out, maybe it will help you too.
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