Silicone Laptop Shell?

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Will Silicone Laptop Base Work Under Mobo?

So, I am making a laptop, the problem is that I'm limited on laptop cases and money. So I looted some old computers for parts (which I own) and I have everything to build, and I had to be creative with the laptop casing. The only problem is that at the bottom of this case there was some sort of styrofoamish stuff, and the foam was stuck to the bottom really well, and it's just basically sticky there after I ripped it out. So I wanted something heat resistant and that doesn't conduct electricity to put over the foam, so I thought silicone. I was going to buy a sheet of silicone, cut it, and paste it to the bottom. Yet first I want to confirm that 
1. It is very heat resistant
2. It won't melt all over my electronics
3. It doesn't interfere with performance or stability
4. That old 2003-2005ish computer parts will work and not melt on silicone.
5. Anything that involves the laptop breaking, I want.
6. Suggestions on other materials, I'd prefer cheap ones, but if not I guess it's fine.
I'd love for any questions above to be answered, I'd even like other point-outs for cons and pros, so thank you for taking your time and reading this.
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