Hey it's me "reCaptcha"

A Forum Thread for GameBanana

Gamebanana is thinking that I am a Deep Web User or what man?.

Oh c'mon,everytime when I try to log in in the Gamebanana there's a reCaptcha,Everytime,Can someone help me?.

Extra Things: I Don't log in every day in the Gamebanana,just like 2 days after the first log in,I am not Using any extension like Adblock those things,I use a Browser called Pale Moon,But I use Google too and Always is the same thing.
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    If you're constantly having to deal with it every couple of days, it's because the IP that you keep connecting to the site with is constantly changing. That's something you would have to address on your end.
    Migraines for days.
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Hey there,well maybe you want to know why I'm not so active here on Gamebanana. Recently I turned into a P2P (also know as pay-to-play...ptp,the reverse of it is F2P).
Also if you don't understand that

  • P2P= A guy that purchased a game above $5 or more on steam
  • F2P+ A guy that didn't purchased anything on steam

Consequently,not on a bad way though. I can publish my mods on Workshop now and well,that's why I don't publish them here anymore sometimes I do,just for them being more recognized.
So yes,publishing mods here will be a bit...well on a slow rate.
Hopefully I'll stay putting some mods here and there just for don't leave behind this account abandoned.

- Uniform614


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