Jungle Inferno Campaign's Deadline

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Deadline has been reached.

Ah Yes, The Jungle Inferno Update, One of the Major Updates since Gold Rush Update. Now the Jungle Inferno Main Menu and the Special Events matchmaking category (Which I don't care about) is about to be dead by the time it was February 11, 2018 and I expect that deadline will not effect the game itself except those two "decorations." However, I might get questioned if these changes will break ToonHUD, 7HUD, and Any HUDS when the deadline is reached. We might have to wait for the Creators of those HUDs to update their HUDs if it actually broke when changes occur.

If you happen to purchased the Con-tracker (Those tickets that gives you one) from Mann Co. store, You can still have to complete Every Jungle Inferno contracts in order to get a Dragon Slayer War Paint (And all of Blood money.) 

Overall: This deadline seems to be in my opinion, not a big deal for these changes, It's just that I think that i expected that it might end everything that the jungle inferno launched but when I saw the news from "teamfortress.com", I was wrong about what i expected.

What's your opinion on the Jungle Inferno Update?
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    related-yet-unrelated question to this, but if I purchased a Jungle Inferno Campaign Pass right now or tomorrow, or before it ends, does that mean I will still be able to do and complete all of the contracts, according to the site?
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