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I've never done a mod by myself and I was wondering if someone could tell how can I change armor colors
Example (OOT Armor to red like goron tunic)


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    I'm pretty sure that you have to recolor the model by hand and it's not so simple as a simple hex code change but I might be wrong. I'd like to hear what more experienced modders have to say though.
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    You would have to edit the texture to make this happen.

    You would need to find the Tex1 file of the armor you want, then decompress this with YAZO, then rename the de-compressed file so that it has a bfres extension, then the BFResTool will allow to to extract the texture out of that file.  It is a .dds file so you would need a program that can open that, I use photoshop with a DDS plugin, but others would work for a main texture file.  Once it is the way you want it, you would inject it back into your bfres file, then run YAZO Fast to re-compress it back into a SBFRES file, which you can then place back into the directory you originally got it from.  This is a simplified walkthrough, you can find more in-depth tutorials here on GameBanana.
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