No More Room in Hell Damage List & Other Stuff

A Forum Thread for No More Room in Hell

Don't throw a Molotov On A group of Zombies,Specially Soldiers zombies,Otherwise oh A Flaming Zekes!!!.

This is a Simple Text About the Damage System of No More Room In Hell like "What damage the Zombies do" Or Even "What damage the fire do" and more stuff i gonna put here too.

Damage System [Zombies]:

Children of the Dead: 

Classic: 5-10
Nightmare: 10-13
Casual: 4-9


Classic: 20-25 Depends of Animation of Attack.
Nightmare: 25-35
Casual: 15-20


Classic: 10-10
Nightmare: 10-10
Casual: 10-10 
They don't have a Specific Damage for each Mode,Is just a Default damage.


Classic: 20-25
Nightmare: 28-36
Casual: 15-23
Depends of the Type of Zombie too,Like soldier zombie runner.

Flaming Zekes [Critical!]

Classic: 35-40
Nightmare: 40-50
Casual: 30-35

"Elemental" Damage System on No More Room In Hell:

Fire: -1 HP
Infected Water:15                           [Deeper] 64
If you get more deeper the more damage is received to you.

Infection: 300 Seconds to you Find a pills otherwise 100 HP received on you.

Barbed Wire (Only in nms_Campblood)

3 Damage
95% Bleeding.

This might help you understand more the game.


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