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So I added more skins for Sonic (replaced his current ones and added extras). Whenever I load in a stage, the game crashes and I'm thinking it's the skin. Sonic doesn't have low resolution skins like the l00 and l01. Do I need to add those folders in for him? 

Same thing goes for adding skins/replacing skins in general because I feel like others skins make the game crash when it shouldn't but I feel like the most happen with skins for Sonic.
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    What mode are you going into,4 player or 8 person smash?
    Are you sure you put the "chr's" in the right spots?
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  • What usually makes the game crash for me in that circumstance (characters are about to enter in the fight) is the mods themselves. I would test certain skins, 1 at a time. See which ones trigger the game to crash. Perhaps you installed them wrong, or they just might be bad skins. Some skins only come with two files in the cxx folder (model.nud & model.nut) , in that case that skin MUST go over pr-existing slot and not an extra one (because it lacks those extra files). There is a way around that and if you PM me I can explain it to you in detail. 

    I had difficulty with a peach skin that had very weird specific instructions, different from any other skin I installed. I would read the "Read me" for the skins that crash your game, or go on their gamebanana page and see what other people are saying and if the creator has instructions. Some skins can make your game crash because they're only suppose to be over a certain slot (even if you textID them). Hope this helps!
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