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Please, I need advanced knowledge of Steam and Half-Life here...

If I want to make a modification for Half-Life without altering the original folders (valve or valve_hd), I make a new folder and then I put "-game ...", where "..." is the mod name (by default, half-life executes the original campaign mode (vanilla game), but what happens with Blue Shift and Opposing Force if we would also not want the original folders to be modified and keep running the expansions' chapters/levels the same way that happens with Half-Life (vanilla)?

is there a file (or several) that I should create paste inside the expansion packs' folders to make the mod launch or start with bshift and/or gearbox level designs (chapters)?

Hola! Cómo hago correr un mod de Blue Shift y/o de Opposing Force sin establecer los archivos o las modificaciones dentro de las carpetas originales de las expansiones (bshift, bshift_hd, gearbox, gearbox_hd)?

Ya sé que con Half-Life común ("vainilla", como suelen decirle), simplemente se crea una carpeta con nombre a elección y luego automáticamente al iniciar ese mod, se carga la campaña original de Half-Life, pero qué pasa con las expansiones?


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    I think you can add fallback_dir to to the liblist.gam file to mount any additional folders. For example fallback_dir "gearbox" should mount the maps in the gearbox/maps folder. Not sure if blue shift would work because its maps aren't compatible with the standard HL engine. The only way I know of is using the map files from blue shift unlocked.
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