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Seem's to be a "Party" Guy,He look's like a true reference to Ray Dorset Music Creator of the Band "Mungo Jerry".
In his old version he was more "Festive" But in his stable version he look's like a "Party Guard",Privates specially.

The "Hunter":
He is a Young Man,He doesn't have any reference with any Real people,Who created him was "Matt Fagan" 3d Modeller.

Patrick "Bateman":
He is a true reference to Patrick Bateman from American Horror Story,as you can see in-game,on the Character Select he have:
And the Famous pose of Patrick in-film.

Just a Ex-Firefighter Doesn't have any reference in real people.

A true reference to "Walter Sobchalk" From the film "The Big Lebowski" And his eternal phrase
"Mark it Zero."


She is just a Random Character doesn't have any Reference to Real people,But in some files in-game she have a "Brutally destroyed head" Model of himself.


He is a Butcher as name said as Badass he have a "Brutally destroyed Head"


A ex-soldier from Fema none reference to real people and he do not have a Brutally destroyed head as the Badass and Butcher.

About the Virus:

Is a mix of 4 Famous virus

Enchephalitis Lethargica
Crimean congo hemorragy fever

About Unused Things:

The 2 unused models of Badass and Butcher was probally a test for the Suicide Act.

There are 2 Unused zombies:

Beast: The most "Lightest zombie without any Wounds" On the no more room in hell he was deleted because probally he is too "Light".

Runner.mdl: Apparently he is not Unused we can see on betamaps and in the nms_isolated but he don't appear to kill the player,because he is just a Simple Ragdoll but he have animations.
He look's like a Farmer.

More things about the No More Room In Hell "History":

The involved scientists 
 who was working on what is 723-ZH was:
David Meade's
William Frank
[Unknown Scientist]

Facts about the game:

If you take 3 Bites on the Classic mode,70% on the next bite you will be Infected.
The undead Children can easily Attack you and he can cut you,and you will bleed.
The damage of Hits of the zombies are specified,The zombies attacks have a specified damage:
-25 HP
-35 HP
-15 HP
For the Crawlers:
For the Kids:

If you use a Gene Therapy you have some "Unusual Things" That can happen to you like:
Blindness for 30 Seconds

More coming soon.
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Hey there,well maybe you want to know why I'm not so active here on Gamebanana. Recently I turned into a P2P (also know as pay-to-play...ptp,the reverse of it is F2P).
Also if you don't understand that

  • P2P= A guy that purchased a game above $5 or more on steam
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Consequently,not on a bad way though. I can publish my mods on Workshop now and well,that's why I don't publish them here anymore sometimes I do,just for them being more recognized.
So yes,publishing mods here will be a bit...well on a slow rate.
Hopefully I'll stay putting some mods here and there just for don't leave behind this account abandoned.

- Munitordaniel


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