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HUD effects problem
  • Feature fancy HUD effects on screen?
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What tweaks can we use to get Black Mesa running as smooth as possible and looking beautiful at the same time in a medium-end computer? Any useful comment will be taken in consideration.

  1. setting game priority to HIGH
  2. updating the graphics card
  3. mat_picmip -1 (...or 0, 1; depends on the PC)
  4. fps_max 60
  5. disabling fancy HUD effects on screen (how can this be done with console variables?)
  6. rate (how should we set this variable?)


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    step 1: git gud rig.
    step 2: set graphic details to high
    step3: fps_max 0
    step4: ?????
    step5: profit
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    What are your specs? In 2017, there really shouldn't be any reason that these games shouldn't be running smoothly on pretty much any rig.
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