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Half-Life's performance and quality

A Forum Thread for Half-Life

Hi. I started this here on Gamebanana because I did not find any thread related to FPS (frames per second) + quality. Any suggestion is appreciated and may be added to the list below!

For performance (aka "FPS"):
running the game in high priority (explanation in the comments)
gl_cull 1 // rendering of visible objects only
fps_max 99
fps_override 1
cl_rate 9999 //
cl_allowdownload 1
cl_allowupload 0
sv_voiceenable 0 // use microphone

For image quality (aka "eye candy"):
m_filter 1 // mouse smoothing
brightness 1.4
gamma 2.25
cl_himodels 1 // hi-def models
r_detailtextures 1
hisound 1 // hi-quality sound
r_decals 200
mp_decals 50


pursuit of a beautiful and smooth gameplay


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    For starting/runnig the game in high priority, a .BAT file must be created inside the Half-Life installation folder, containing the following lines (without the quotation marks). You can always create a shortcut so you can, for example, start the game from the desktop (in Windows operation systems).

    "start /high hl.exe -game valve
    timeout 1 >nul

    NOTES: the number after "timeout" indicates how many seconds will pass/ocurr before the window is closed (you can change that number to whatever you want).
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    fps_override 1


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