Flame Shield and 100 Rings at Start

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For some strange reason, whenever I enter a new level, whether an actual level or a cutscene, I have a flame shield and 100 rings out of nowhere. I don't know what I did to do this, but I want to take it off. Can anyone help? And my ModLoader doesn't work, so can't be that. It also isn't in data or the unknown folders.


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    You’re using the wrong version of Mania with the wrong version of the modloader I believe. Outdated scenes I think?
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    The problem is due to your "player.bin" (the file in Objects/Static/36[...].bin

    Your version of the file isn't the same as the others

    Sonic Mania 829 / 831's file is 0x6F6 (iirc) long, while the latest game have a file 0x6FB long, for whatever reasons

    If you use the old file on a new update or the opposite, glitches will happen, another kind of similar glitch is the "fire shield and 100 rings when you start"


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