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Quick And Simple Question

I was going to download and use an auto-repair engineer script, but I have one very simple question. If I use this script will it be considered "hacking" to the valve anti-cheat and I could get a VAC ban? Or am I fine to go on a server and use the auto-repair script?


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    Describe "auto-repair"
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    You can only (legitimately) get VAC-banned if you use anything that modifies actual EXE or DLL files or hooks into the game's memory, I believe. CFG files are all completely safe from VAC bans; They don't allow you to do anything you can't do with the console in vanilla Team Fortress 2, and anything you can do in vanilla Team Fortress 2 is not VAC-ban-able.

    In other words, you're fine to use the script in question. Even then, all it does is make it so with a click of one button, you switch to a melee weapon and start attacking when you let go, and with another button, you stop attacking and switch to a primary weapon. There's nothing about that that can't be done with knowing how much to scroll the mouse wheel or knowing which button to hit to switch to the right weapon.

    TL;DR: You'll be fine.
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