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Shitty weapon rebalance, any ideas? - A Forum Thread for Team Fortress 2.

So, me and my friend, which is the owner of a server want to re-balance all the shitty weapons.. Any ideas? 

Baby Face

Back scatter


Pocket pistol

SUN on a stick

Fan O war


pain train




Buffalo steak

Family Business

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    just wait for the pyro update
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    BFB: Same Base Stats but:
    You lose less boost from damage.
    Double Jump consumes all your boost, but it gives you more air speed and air control, and +5% of jump height (like a Long-Jump from Half Life 1).
    The Long-Jump mechanic only applies if the weapon is active.
    Pretty Boy's: Same stats as the TF2 Blog.

    Bison: More Projectile Speed, i think of +15.
    (using the shotgun stats as a base, not the bison)
    Secondary Attack uses all ammo on clip, in a charge like the cowmangler, but it needs less charge, and shoots all the clip like the Panic Attack in a mid-damaged situation.

    Sun on a Stick: Ignites Players for 2 seconds on hit
    Fire hits doesnt stack
    -%25 damage reduced to -%15
    still deals crit to ignited players.
    -%15 firing speed (to not make it op)

    Winger: Deals minicrit to airborne players, deals +%2 damage if the carrier is on air

    Pain Train: causes bleeding when hitting a player.
    Damage taken only applies when the weapon is active.
    Damage taken reduced to +%8
    This Just ain't right
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    Mario's Company
    (Stats will replace the older stats)

    Buffalo Steak
    On Use: Gain Crits for 10 seconds
    Forced to melee
    40 sec. charge (so 30 seconds after crits)

    On Use: Gain Mini crits for 5 seconds
    On Use: Heal 10 (per sec) for 5 seconds
    55 seconds recharge
    Recharge can be filled with health kits
    User can't use health kits unless the item is recharged

    Disciplinary Action
    On Hit Teammate: Gain 5 seconds of speedboost for both target and trigger
    Knockback on Target
    (no long range)
    50% faster deploy speed
    -50% Healing from all sources (aka half of healing)

    50% Faster Deploy Speed
    +25% Airblast force
    +25% Airblast cost

    Pain Train
    You and your teammates (near you) gain a speedboost when near objective
    15% Damage bonus
    +50% slower firing speed (or melee swing speed)

    Allow triple jump
    5% damage bonus when airborne
    10% damage bonus to airborne targets (rocket jump not necessary)
    -50% walk speed when equipped (Medic walk speed, percent is totally wrong)
    Gain minicrit damage when airborne

    Back Scatter
    Deal crit damage from behind
    For each kill from behind gain a 5% speedboost for 15 seconds (don't stack)
    Gain crit damage when hurt from behind
    15% slower firing speed

    Pocket Pistol
    For each kill gain 15 health points
    -50% Max health
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    BFB less boost loss on dmg taken
    Back Scatter, more accurate, 6 in a clip
    PBPP, Suggested Stats on blog
    SOAS, One hit lights the person on fire
    Bison, Pre MYM Stats
    Pain Train, +10% Movement Speed when holding the intelligence, Australium (Doomsday) or the Pass Time Jack
    Axtinguisher needs less switch to speed penalty and more dmg on crit, or just revert to pre Love and War stats
    Buffalo Steak, Take Less dmg when eaten
    Warrior's Spirit(not asked but will put idea down) No dmg Vulnerability, probably more dmg
    That's it for me right now because I think the degreaser is balanced so far
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