Where are my precache/cache save files located?

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So I've got a bunch of addons that I've collected (about 48 Gigs worth) and I have it saved so that when I install Gmod on a new computer or re install it, I can save my addons for use. However, I've noticed that Gmod no longer automatically precaches everything. What this means is that if you use something for the first time (I.e. a player model) it will give you a small amount of lag. This is because the game has to "build" a preview of that model or script before it's used again. This happens for every texture, model, weapon, script, whatever. It can be tedious and having a smooth game can be nearly impossible on maps that use custom scripts and textures. I know that if you spawn enough random crap and use every possible script or entity, you can make the game run smoothly when spawning stuff, but this takes weeks of work and I feel like there's a better way to do this. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can tell me what I'm looking for, that would be appreciated.

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