making custom playermodels with hands!

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I was wondering how you can take a model and make it a player model! along with custom hand models!


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    If you're not really familiar with compiling, this might be a bit harder for you. Nonetheless, this is a great tutorial on how to make playermodels with custom hands.
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    - Decompile a model.
    - Change the model/material names/paths.
    - Add the player animations.
    - Compile.
    - Write the Lua.
    - Test.

    For the arms:
    - Decompile the model.
    - Import into 3DS Max.
    - Delete all polygons that are not part of the arms.
    - Change the weights on the upper arms to be weighted to the lower arms so that you don't get clipping.
    - Export with "Use Explicit Normals" to export with the original smoothing groups
    - Write a new .QC file for the arms.
    - Include the needed files for arms found on the GMod Wiki.
    - Compile it.
    - Write the Lua.
    - Test it.

    If you did it right, you'll have no errors, because making player models takes ~5 minutes.

    The animation sets conflict and will cause the model to reference pose most of the time.
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