Flying objects with VHE 3.4

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I want to make airstrikes(de_torn) and eagle(de_survivor)

Hey all. I want to make a map with aristrikes, trains, flying objects and to add a eagle flying. Can someone send me a tutorial or explain how to do it?


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    Coding, modeling, and a lot of shit you won't be able to do, to be painfully honest.
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    > **Posted by Sir Rexius Sarcasticus**

    > Coding, modeling, and a lot of shit you won't be able to do, to be painfully honest.

    Actually no, he just need to know how to use multi_managers, multisources and other entities. The rest is just his imagination.
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    Jed's HLMV gave me cancer.
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    So you want to learn how to make flying objects like planes, airstrikes, ufos, eagles?

    For that you need to know how func\_train entity works. Once you know how to set up a tracktrain system, you can make anything of your own limited only by your imagination.

    To learn how to make a tracktrain system, go here.
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