Cs:s skins to Fallout?

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Is it possible to use CSS skins for fallout weapon mods?

I was wondering if it's possible (and if you can get permitions if anyone will willingly do this) to create a weapon pack using CSS skins, as there's not enough nice weaponry mods for Fallout NV, let alone packs. Any weaponry works, handguns are well appreciated. If it is possible anyways. Also no "god" weapons unless the weapon actually fits the stats. Like a M28 might have 100+ damage? More customization the better. Un-scoped snipers with scope mods? Wunderbar! Level lists so things can spawn with the weapons would also be appreciated, if you need custom ammunition use the mod CASE. [ http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/43915 ] If the weapon skin is camouflaged please don't make it absurd like blue tiger on a handgun unless they have more variants (stock, camouflage ,unique skin) also a unique variant would be great. If im asking too much, or its not possible, ignore this. Love love to whoever responds to this. Any source skin really works, future stuff is less loved than a nice old fashioned firearm. Melee is great too! WWII stuff is highest on the list.
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