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The REAL High Definition Pack for Co...

A Forum Thread for GameBanana

Alright, this long winded post is going to give an update to every change made in the last 3 days. As everyone knows, I don't yet have a suitable server to upload this pack too. Hopefully, by the offer of Ranger - We can set something up and have this pack hosted on his personal site. I hope to speak with him later today about it. Ok, Here's the long winded part. Be prepared, I suggest you grab grab a coke and a sandwitch. BUG FIXED: "The Walking Dead" My beta tester's found a glitch with the scientist model that was creating quite an awkard looking visual. Read on. You MUST create a new game as the visual error is not a model bug - But rather a glitch with HL for some reason. If you drop my new scientist models over the old models then continue from a saved game... EVERY dead scientist in the entire game, level wise - if there's a scientist on the ground, he will appear standing upright and cannot be killed. Because he's already dead. Hense, the Walking Dead name for this bug. BUT, if you start a NEW game after dropping in the new Scientist models that bug disappears and there corpses are returned to thier normal dead and decaying lying on the ground state. I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that because if you choose to continue from a saved game once this pack is installed, that bug will effect every dead scientist model through out the rest of the game. Anyways, now you know how to fix it. That way it isn't reported a dozen times. Thanks again to my beta tester Gagsy for the info on that glitch. ******************************************* COUNTER-LIFE HIGH-DEFINITION MEDIA PACK By: SyntaxxSeven(Velasquez,2003) ******************************************* This package was created to spice up Counter-Life's single player experience by providing high-quality models an effects replacements for your personal enjoyment. This package replaces all of the original single player human and alien charactor models with high definition content. Many of these updated models are from Valve's high definition upgrade kit from the HL BlueShift boxed retail game. This package includes the following enhancements: New blood and gore effects, sprites and splatter decals New bullet hole decals, scorch decals and more New sound FX for ricoches, debris and explosions New sound FX for every weapon firing sequence New high definition HGrunts with Colt M4/M203 Assault Rifles New high definition HAssassins with Steyr Tactical Machine Pistols ******************************************* CHANGES & UPDATES "Weapons, Charactors, etc" The Assassin's MAC-10 has been restored to the Steyr TMP. All difficulty specific damages of the original MAC-10 have been replaced with equivilant TMP damage. I made his change due to popular demand, You see? I do listen to the forum ideas! HA! Lol, half of this mod was changed a dozen times because of you guys. If you weren't here to provide feedback, why the hell would be doing this anyway? =P This pack is for.. THE PEOPLE!!!! AMEN BOTHAS AND SISTAHS! ( ahem ) ******************************************* It is important to stress that both the high definition Hgrunt & HAssassin charactors now utilise the same ammunition as the player. This upgrade was intent on providing a serious challenge for the skilled player as the updated charactor weaponry and efficiency now equal that of the players own arsenal. ******************************************* WEAPON UPGRADE: (HGrunt) Colt M4/m203 Carbine (5x56mm) WEAPON DAMAGES: SKILL: DAMAGE(per bullet) Easy 7 - 1/3 of Player rated damage Normal 12 - 2/3 of Player rated damage Hard 17 - Full Equivilant to Player DESCRIPTION The Desert Recon Marine comes equipped with a Colt M4/M203 Assault Rifle and utilises the same 5x56mm round as the players own Colt M41A Carbine. ******************************************* WEAPON UPGRADE: (HGrunt) Benelli M4 Super90 (12GBuckshot) WEAPON DAMAGES: SKILL: DAMAGE(per bullet) Easy 7 - 1/3 of Player rated damage Normal 9 - 2/3 of Player rated damage Hard 11 - Full Equivilant to Player DESCRIPTION The Desert Recon Marine comes equipped with a secondary Benelli M4 Super90 and utilises the same 12 Guage Buckshot round as the players own Benelli M4 Super90. ******************************************* WEAPON UPGRADE: (HAssassin) Tactical Machine Pistol (9mm) WEAPON DAMAGES: SKILL: DAMAGE(per bullet) Easy 5 - 1/3 of Player rated damage Normal 10 - 2/3 of Player rated damage Hard 15 - Full Equivilant to Player DESCRIPTION The Black Operative Assassin now comes equipped with a silenced TMP and utilises the same 9mm round as the players own Tactical Machine Pistol. ******************************************* CREDITS & SHOUT OUTS Firing sounds from: Ghost Recon Counter-Strike Soundpack Converted to CS by: Samoth CS Fusion Pack Ver.10 (1 or 2 sounds) Misc texures from: CS Realism Update 4.0(Shell Models) Black Hawk Down Theme Pack( M4 ) Black SWAT Gign by Hangfire and Bushmania ( Holster ) History of Balistics - Online database Military weapon and equipment reference archive (camo textures, straps, basic gear, photographs ) Weapon models from: M4 Skin - SIXSHOOTER M4 MODEL - IRONCLAD MOD - Black Hawk Down Benelli Skin - Dynosis Benelli MODEL - SIXSHOOTER MOD - CS Fusion Pack Ver.10 TMP Skin - CSRU4.0(unknown author) TMP MODEL - CSRU4.0(unknown author) MOD - CS Realism Update 4.0 ******************************************* Special Thanks to: Gagsy485, NecroWraith, End Of Days, Darkblade, The Ranger, Syko X and Peril for the continous feedback and suggestions during the construction of this pack. The Counter-Life Team for allowing me to take part in their projects. I'm not a member of their team, but I would jump at the opertunity of become apart of it. Thanks again for letting me participate, Haunter. *******************************************
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    Dude! I downloaded Yahoo! Messenger. My username is waronsnipers and I have messaged you. I can upload the file right now. Message me back!
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