Left 4 Dead 2 Sweps Problem

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So yeah I downloaded this Left 4 Dead 2 SWEPs, and it had no hands. invisible, like Blockland. I downloaded the CZ85 pistols, thanks to Arby, and it still has no hands. I don't own Left 4 Dead 2 because I can't afford it. So, is there any way to fix this? Any way to fix it exception for buying L4D2? Oh... by the way... I took a look at the lua file (shared.lua) hoping to find something concerning the hands and found nothing. Too darn long to find anythin'. Then I searched for "hands" and found this: > function SWEP:DrawHands() if self.CharHands == "Louis" then self.Hands = ClientsideModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_gambler_new.mdl") elseif self.CharHands == "Louis" then self.Hands = ClientsideModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_coach_new.mdl") elseif self.CharHands == "Louis" then self.Hands = ClientsideModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_mechanic_new.mdl") else self.Hands = ClientsideModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_gambler_new.mdl") end local MDLPos = self.Owner:GetViewModel():GetPos() self.Hands:SetPos(MDLPos) self.Hands:SetParent(self.Owner:GetViewModel()) self.Hands:SetNoDraw(true) self.Hands:AddEffects(EF_BONEMERGE) self.Hands:DrawModel() end Anything you know about this? I am trying to figure this out for 3 months already. I'm really new to lua coding so, as I type this I am downloading the Left 4 Dead 2 Rifle SWEP pack to see if it's the same... I also took a look at the materials folder too, "garrysmod\addons\L4D2 pistol pack\materials\models\survivors" and found this: ![](http://i.imgur.com/lf49R.png "") Just, err... if you can't see it... just zoom in, wouldja? Oh and Arby, sorry for not choosing your FNP45, though. OFFTOPIC: Ever since I played Call of Duty Black Ops I always loved the CZ85. (Or the gun was a CZ50? I dunno.)



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