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Hello , anyone know how to do a office computer in hammer which explode and do effects like the office map computer ? I got the computer in mapping which is only grafic but didnt explode or something like that. The other way the comp is not visible and not exploding if i shoot on them. If anyone know it would be nice to tell me which the correct propertie it is. all what i need is the correct propertie at the moment i use the prop_static because its textured in game. I testet prop_physix and the other one`s out but no effects or no textured. greetings


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    Hello Rootbeerz ,

    i allready tryed this prop_phys/pro_dynamic , i did it again now.

    but the Computer isnt texturend(invisible) in css.
    edit: OK , now the computer is visible but no damage effects.

    hmmm i look in the dev console and it told the model is not a physic engine model. : /

    I dont know why but i try more Computer texture(.mdl)
    but the error is the same.
    I need to fill body groups ?

    thanks for fast answer :)

    edit: ok it brokes by passing walk through)now but not effects :-)
    i think it will need body groups.

    edit: Ok now i know how to use computer which going broken with effects.
    It needs physic (prop_physic -models/texture , the prop_dynamic works no but i dont know.



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