Download : Gentle Sunset Skybox Textures

A Texture Mod for Source Engine

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Archive Contents

  • Contains 20 files & 5 directories Raw file list
    • README.txt
    • maps/
      • Sky_Penrith01.vmf
    • materials/
      • skybox/
        • Sky_Penrith01BK.vmt
        • Sky_Penrith01BK.vtf
        • Sky_Penrith01DN.vmt
        • Sky_Penrith01DN.vtf
        • Sky_Penrith01FT.vmt
        • Sky_Penrith01FT.vtf
        • Sky_Penrith01LF.vmt
        • Sky_Penrith01LF.vtf
        • Sky_Penrith01RT.vmt
        • Sky_Penrith01RT.vtf
        • Sky_Penrith01UP.vmt
        • Sky_Penrith01UP.vtf
    • materialsrc/
      • skybox/
        • Sky_Penrith01BK.tga
        • Sky_Penrith01DN.tga
        • Sky_Penrith01FT.tga
        • Sky_Penrith01LF.tga
        • Sky_Penrith01RT.tga
        • Sky_Penrith01UP.tga

Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:

To use this, extract the VMT and VTF files to the materials/skybox directory for your Source Engine game of choice. Modern Source games will require this go into the materials folder inside 'addons' directory.

For non-source games, the TGA files in the materialsrc folder may be used.


By downloading you agree to the submitter's license.

This texture may not be used for commercial purposes.

You may edit, modify or use this sky in any way you wish, including using as a base for other skies.

This texture may be used for Source Engine games, modifications, or for non-Source Engine games and modifications.


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