HL2 Lost Coast Textures and 1 Skybox

A Texture Mod for Half-Life

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Half Life 2: Lost Coast Textures In WAD

News: I found out that it was getting files from HL2 even if you don't have hl2 installed and deleted the hl2 game files it comes back so it can get the files it needs, im going to fix this issue soon and redo these files to try making use of r_detailtextures
Hello There This is The Textures in HL2: Lost Coast, Ported into a WAD, please note that this is somewhat incomplete, as I need to fix some textures not working correctly (windows aren't transparent, ill get to that later) and add in skyboxes (I've only added in the HDR skybox) some textures are missing from choice (Normal Maps since what use will you have with those, I went and combined them in the image they are supposed to go to not sure why but ehh it might do something) and others just because they are literally missing and I couldn't find it (this happened with the water but I took a generic water texture from hl2 and called it a day)

Credit to Valve for making the textures and assets for source originally that I ported over to their older engine goldsource, the  game where I got the assets from was HL2: Lost Coast not including water which I got from HL2



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    I'm planning on adding a new image for the mod that will look better than what is shown. (I apologize to anyone reading this about not updating this in 2 months I gave up on this for quite a while after facing a issue and trying to find the issue without restarting for the 50th time (in reality it was probably somewhere around 8 times) I found a file which works for the most part (seemly) so the 2 months of me not doing anything was for no reason And just me making a dumb mistake due to me having to sort through 8 versions of the same map with issues until I find a working version. Edit: Added in new picture
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You may redistribute my work if you give me credit. (and maybe a link to my profile) You may be able to use the work I made if I give permission and you give credit to me.



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