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Kaja - ancient theme texture pack

A Texture Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Made with Substance Designer. Preferred scale in VHE: 0.125.



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    They're good textures but it's got the same issue that most/all ''tile/block'' texture(set)s have: there's only one edge type.

    The darkened edge doesn't make sense if the block isn't connected to anything on that side - it should instead be lighter.

    Think of it as a scale, which runs from darkest to lightest, based on how much the surface is affected by accumulation of dirt, and wear (erosion). this scale is directly correlated to whether the surface is concave, flat, or convex

    They're nice as-is, but they would be great if you added a variant of each texture with the edge darkening inverted


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Temphis Dirty font (runes)
S. John Ross


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