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DiscountKiller's Big Ol' Texture Pack

A Texture Mod for Half-Life

Hello my fellow Half-Life patrons!

I am pleased to bring to the modding world of Half-Life a texture pack that I've been working on for quiet some time, some of which I made completely from scratch and others that I made from stock photos or a culmination of both. I have been working on this texture pack for around a year and it currently contains multiple resolutions of the many different textures, there is even several that I made for Mr.RedCarpet him self DocRock! t

The wad comes in at a whopping 121MB compressed into a 7zip file to 78.9MB, this wad also includes 1390 textures (Granted many are duplicated but in different resolutions.)

I really hope you talented folks will enjoy this wad and I look forward to hearing your feedback, and I would love for you to share a link to what you have used them in when the time comes as nothing gives me more joy than seeing my hard work making it's way into someone else's hard work! Enjoy!

Below is a same of some of the many textures I've included in this WAD file and some I used in a map that is still a work in progress.

dk_wastewater WIP:




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