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A Texture Mod for Half-Life 2

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  • Added vintage effect
  • Added scratches to photos
  • Fixed ratio of scientists and background
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Replaces photos in Kleiner's and Eli's lab on the HD version. There are 2 variants of textures: in Russian and in English.

Instructions for installing inside archive.



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  • 14hr
    Richter5294 avatar
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    The characters look stilted and awkward, their heads look obviously photoshopped on. They look ridiculously tall from the angle, and they have no shadow.

    Also, Eli looks deformed and naked and there is no wear on any of the photos, detracting from the realism of a 20+ year old photo.
  • 21d
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    This looks really silly because the faces do not match with the bodies and the disproportions added to that of the faces.
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  • 1mo
    Needs to be in colour, and Gordon doesn't wear a tie.
    And maybe the BMS models should stand the same way like in the original photo.
  • 1mo
    Gamer Dude avatar
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    Gamer Dude
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    Black Mesa Inc.
    it would really fit with cinematic mod because who wants to play black mesa and then hl2 cinematic mod :)


    DA GAMEA !@@ avatar
    DA GAMEA !@@
  • 1mo
    Image 4K HD it's amazing, but looks photo remake is incredible.
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  • 1moEdited 1mo
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    Interesting, I'll give you that. Needs some flaws though, like someone else said it looks photoshoppy. Apply some DOF and some vignetting and radial aging effects, blurry-up the faces and contours a bit, remember that photo was supposed to be taken with a 1990-2000 era camera. There was no such thing as "4K" back then so you'll actually want to spend time MESSING UP the picture quality than improving it. Crazy as it sounds. Thats just my thoughts on it though, its a step in the right direction as is though.

    It would also be a big improvement if you sized them correctly, as you can see compared to the background, they are giants.
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    Oversensitive sociopath avatar
    Oversensitive sociopath
  • 1mo
    HedyL avatar
    HedyL Offline
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    well, it's higher resolution, which is good and all. Looks too photo-shoppy though. Good try, and good on you trying to branch to untreaded territory in modding.
  • 1mo
    papaschlange avatar
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    The remake with scientists looks soo cheesy :)
    Tin Foil Hit Man avatar
    Tin Foil Hit Man
  • 1mo
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  • 1mo
    What program do you use to edit these textures? Cause I'd like to get rid of the red X for the Kleiner one
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