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Better Textures & HUD v2.75 (All Textures)

A Texture Mod for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse


Download revision
  • Due to the size of the mod, instructions to use the alternate download have been added. Main download now has a read me telling you to do that with a link as well.
Thank you to gvk again for pointing out an issue with my mod!
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So, I wanted the first texture pack I officially released to be my team of OC's, but oh well. Being half asleep after moving means it was easier to refine textures than to completely edit some. Plus, no one is doing any retextures for landscapes yet. So, without further ado, I present to you...

Better Textures!

The goal of this mod is to make the game look a bit more detailed and generally better, without making it overly realistic or straying far from the original look of the game. The only thing that this pack really does is sharpen both the textures, and the normal maps to give things more depth. Occasionally the specular maps too. Rarely are the colors edited, and it's primarily to make bland textures more vivid.

Download the pack & see screenshots here! 

Notable Changes other than Sharpness
  • Weiss' hair is now white.
  • The longer grass texture is greener. Soon the short one will be too.
  • More detail on the practically everything in the environment
  • Crisper lines on the characters
  • Purdy looking Grimm & doodads.

To use the HUD added in 2.5: 
Download 'Better Textures Hud &' and drop the files in the folder with the texture pack you want to use them with. This is in the additional downloads.

IMPORTANT: Due to the size of this texture pack (almost 1gb), please use the alternate download! Gamebanana can only support mods up to 300mb.

Also, if you use the /reloadTextures command in chat, please be wary that it will lag out your game until they are done loading. I have a pretty good set up and I lag out quite a bit when I reload them to take quick comparison screenshots.

Also please make sure you don't overwrite any textures you might want to keep, as I redid most monsters and every character!


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La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo Joined 11mo ago
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Texture Artist


La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo avatar
La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo Joined 11mo ago
186 points Ranked 20123rd
3 medals 1 rare
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Development Info

This is the history of updates from steam.

  • The groundbreaking Update! 8/3/17 8:45pm EST 

    The ground looks pretty and sharp now. If you have an old version and the newest gvk mod (1.7.7) You'll see them, and some of them look pretty gross. This update fixes the gross looking textures and finds a few that I missed. Enjoy! Also if you haven't checked it out and you like Castlevania, you'll probably like my new skin for Pyrrha.

    The HUD & Finishing Touches Update! 8/1/17 11:14pm EST 
    Thanks to gvk, I was able to finish this mod and include the normal maps again! Yes, the normalmaps are back! And just about every doohickey you can think of has bee covered. (Except the grass. Because I can't find the damn texture anywhere.) Not to mention that the HUD has been done! I think it would go great with Cabby's Villain packs personally, it gives me a real Salem vibe. Take a look at the screenshots to see what's new.
  • Merlot's lab is all nice now.
  • Vines are the sexiest plants I've ever seen in a game.
  • The HUD makes me feel cool.
  • Previously depreciated textures are added back in! Tiny things like bullets now look great!

    Now that pretty much everything is done, I've got a few ideas up my sleeve for some neat texture packs and will be moving on to those, but if I get ahold of the textures I currently can't edit I'll definitely go back and do them! 

    The V2 Update! 7/27/17 12:05am EST 

    Woah! A major update has been rolled out! Yaaaay! Here's what's new! 
  • All the core textures have been done! And I didn't have to segment things off really! On the downside, no more normal or specular maps because of this. They really don't make much of a difference, I checked.
  • Added some shattered moon bits to the HUD to fit more generally with the "Eclipse" part of the title. Just remove these textures if you don't want them.
  • DLC outfits have been moved to an extra pack. If you have them, download it and drop it in.
  • Yang and Ruby now smile like the adorable rays of sunshine they are, since they haven't suffered the pain of Volume 3 in GE. It's not obnoxious, I literally just took their frowns and turned them upside down on the texture.
  • Horde Mode Textures have been added too!
  • More screenshots to show things off
  • Cleaned up Weiss' bag, & Blake's clothes don't look gray anymore.

    And finally, a little bonus! If these textures STILL aren't sharp enough, check out the sweetfx mod for this game. I took a few screenshots with it, and it looks great! Plus you can tweak it as you want as well. This will just put a filter on your screen, so be wary that it will sharpen the HUD & my textures even more. However, that means the stupid short grass texture will be sharper, even if it's still vomit green.

    Once again, please give me feedback if anything looks odd! Now that all the core textures are done this project will probably shift to mostly perfecting it based upon feedback since I'm pretty happy with it. 

    7/26/17 11:46am EST 
    I've gotten textures done for pretty much all the essentials in the game, but it crashes because there are too many again. (I didn't even go over 300 this time) I'm going to segment the pack between characters, monsters, and environments, and probably roll out v2 tonight or early tomorrow. For more detailed notes, see the google doc in the editing info at the notes section that I've written for myself. It might not be as polite or make as much sense since I just write down notes as I edit & test things.

    7/25/17 5:29pm EST 
    Happy Christmas in July! I'm getting back to this, determined to roll out the next big segment soon. That includes the Weiss fixes, making Yang & Ruby smile like the rays of sunshine they are, and hopefully more map edits! The Google Drive got a facelift and now includes Beta, Editing Info, & Screenshot folders! Speaking of, if you take any screenshots, feel free to link to them in this forum. If you're interested in helping or using some of my resources, check out the editing info folder.

    It sounds weird, but once I go back to school in the end of August I'll have a lot more free time to work on textures since I won't have work and really don't need much sleep other than when there's tests. Plus I go to a tech school and usually have free time in my art shop where Photoshop is handy at all times.

    7/7/17 5:43pm EST 
    I've run into a wall with this, as the game seems to max out at 372 textures, even when compressed. It may be just my rig, but if anyone is willing to help test, please download the beta files you'd like inside of the google drive folder. Or use this link to jump straight to it. If you can get the game to load more textures, let me know. 

    Right now, the best thing I can do is to go through all of the textures and choose the most essential ones that will be seen the most. That means "billboard" textures and super tiny items will most likely be excluded.

    If you'd like to be helpful...

    First off, I'm super happy that you want to be helpful. Feedback is the easiest thing, so please don't hesitate to let me know if a texture looks off to you, or if I missed something that I said was done. I might have gone ham on the sharpness sometimes, and didn't test things that are farther on in the game. (Though this is mostly the first level) If you'd like to help this be updated faster, I can send you the photoshop presets I made and explain how I work on the textures, or go through and tweak things yourself to your liking. (Texture modding is my late night, unable to sleep hobby.)

    And finally, feel free to use these as a base in any of your projects. Just throw my name somewhere in the description (Daisy Todd is fine if my profile name has changed) or something and send me a link to your project so I can see it.Obviously don't monetize it and stuff too. Use your brain and be respectful.

    Anywho, enjoy, and please feel free to give me feedback or go and fly away to make your own cool stuff using this! Updates will be done on this thread, so no need to worry and stalk the forums looking for a separate post.
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