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A Texture Mod for Half-Life 2

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  • Added glow of individual elements
  • Fixed normal map
JersonGaming avatar
Member Joined 2y
Replaces the suit charger and health charger on the HD version. There are 2 variants of textures: in Russian and in English.

Instructions for installing inside archive.



  • 2mo
    Richter5294 avatar
    Member Joined 7mo
    195 points Ranked 18428th
    Very nice! I'm glad to see these kind of 'direct visual upgrade' mods still exist.

    However, the normal maps look pretty screwed up.
  • 3moEdited 3mo
    Rafael De Jongh avatar
    Rafael De Jongh avatar Offline
    Apocalyptic Flag Affiliation: Apocalyptic
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    Rafael De Jongh avatar
    Rafael De Jongh
    Apocalyptic Flag
    Skinning/Modelling Expert
    First things first, this is definitely not a bad attempt of making higher quality textures for these model assets.

    However there are various parts that really could use some improvements.

    For starters (and this was sadly already noticeable on your screenshots) is your Normal Map.

    Your current normal map is probably created from your diffuse map via Crazybump, two things you should never do/use. Especially not in 2017 as Crazybump really is one of the worst choice in normal map plugins on the market you can ever use therefore you really SHOULD NOT!

    If anything the most detail that should actually be normal mapped would be some of the mother board wiring, the engravement holes in the metal and the light socket. Other than that you shouldn't normal map anything other than some slight dents or damage (which your main texture doesn't really use either).

    Things you should really never normal would be text, paint, plain metal and so on. I really advise you look into proper normal mapping and while it is a bit of old and outdated it still a good start if I say so myself:

    So make sure to check it out and hopefully that might give you a better insight to what normal mapping is all about and how to correctly use it. 

    But one thing is sure, your current normal map is completely wrong and should really be remade to receive a proper grade!

    Second thing that your release lacks for being high quality are proper supported shaders, the Source engine has been updated over the years allowing more shader usages than in the beginning so when making high quality releases you should definitely make use of it.

    I'm talking about the: Specular map and Exponent map here and of course some proper VMT parameters.

    For starters in terms of VMT parameters and shading I recommend the following tutorial:

    This really goes in depth to what every command does but in general if you have a proper setup and shaders like the specular map on the alpha channel of your normal and an additional exponent map with a rimmask on its alpha then you could come up with a VMT like this:

    $basetexture                "models/props_combine/suit_charger001_sheet"
    $bumpmap                    "models/props_combine/suit_charger001_sheet_normal"

    $phong                      1
    $phongboost                 0.48
    $phongfresnelranges         "[1 4 6]"
    $phongtint                  "[.8 .8 1]"
    $phongexponenttexture       "models/props_combine/suit_charger001_sheet_exp"
    $phongalbedotint            1
    $phongalbedoboost           48
    $normalmapalphaphongmask    1

    $envmap                     env_cubemap
    $envmaptint                 "[.075 .075 .125]"
    $normalmapalphaenvmapmask   1

    // RIM LIGHT
    $rimlight                   1
    $rimlightexponent           24
    $rimlightboost              1.2
    $rimmask                    1

    So having a proper normal really can do a lot in this case, together with a proper VMT setup and additional shader can really make your work pop out!

    Therefore I suggest to really take a good look at how to create proper shaders and setting them up on Source to bring out your true potential.

    The last thing I would also suggest is to start completely from scratch and don't use the original as a base to apply your textures on, especially not when you're up scaling it!

    Looking into baking normals for old models might also work fantastically so give a look at that as well and I do hope that with this post you'll bring out even more quality than before!

    Keep up the great work I'd say.


    2D/3D Artist avatar
    2D/3D Artist
  • 3mo
    HeavyWea avatar
    HeavyWea Offline
    Member Joined 4mo
    130 points Ranked 24152nd
    It's Amazing what HD textures can do to a model.


    Pootis with style
  • 3mo
    NightBerkut avatar
    NightBerkut avatar Offline
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    Неплохо. Not bad.


  • 3mo
    Zeroize0 avatar
    Zeroize0 Offline
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  • 3mo
    Rymd avatar
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    Rymd avatar
    Refraction Studios Flag
    Refraction Studios
    Very nice texture rework !


    pew pew avatar
    pew pew
  • 3mo
    MNQdd avatar
    MNQdd Offline
    Member Joined 3y
    Heyyyy! Отлично!


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