wipeout textures (reuploaded)

A Texture Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

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mg_wipeout mg_wipeout2 textures all in 1

this is a fully version coz i added the original textures too not only the seconds. why im uploaded again? coz the second is withheld and i think if u want to creat a wipeout style map then its will help u. its include lot of colored rubber texture and that grass texture what u can see in the pics. dont forget to write a me in the creators or make a special thanks. so all in all dload extract to gamefolder/metarials and enjoy!



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    - Usefull
    - Good Quality


    - Re-Upload


    - next Time just ask an Admin/Mod to unwithhold your submisson


    - Thanx for uploading


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    Quality of Life.
  • 6y
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    Where do I find these in source sdk?

    I cant find them....

    EDIT: Fixed it. Great Textures bro


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    The reason it was withheld before is because you only had some random pic for the entire thing. You had no screenshots of the textures while they were in use. It looks like you added a couple of in-game screenshots for the textures, so if it's still withheld, speak to an admin/moderator about getting it unwithheld. The flags have all been trashed since you added the screenshots, so now you just need to ask someone to have it unwithheld. Or, you can just delete the other one instead and just have this one up instead. Either way, your choice.

    In any case, these textures are pretty good. I give them a 9/10. Don't know why, but it seems like something is missing.


    Not as serious as you'd think.


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textures. wipeout textures. cool textures. ssbumped textures. what else u wnat more?

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