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A Texture Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

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A cartoon map pack for cs_office, cs_italy, de_cbble & de_aztec does pretty much what it say on the tin if you are interested in how this was done, all the images were batch processed on photoshop with the cutout filter and all the normals were replaced with blanks in the same manner. there is also a dust texture set out (not by me) done in pretty much the same way, it can be found here... you can find the w models & sprites etc pack at enjoy install to c:\program files\steam\steamapps\yoname\counter-strike source\cstrike



  • 7y
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    Pros: cell shaded
    Cons: not every map, we want EVERY custom map cell shaded!
    Improvements: not really, but other maps, or links for them would be nice.
    Notes: good job! rated extra high (otherwise a 9 / 9.5) to compensate the moron who didn't get it was suppose to look like this.


    If you can make it then I can
  • 8y
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    HideToLive Offline
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    I would rename this to cel-shading textures, it's pretty much that.

    Pretty nice.
  • 9y
    blatatard avatar
    blatatard Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Hey, bad for your good for me, and other cartoon lovers out there. Don't comment this as trash because its actually good. Why don't you make retextured cartoon maps. And plus, look at the other one that was done exactly like this, its rated 10. This should be also rated 10, not 6.


    Im just here for skins, nothin
  • 9y
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    Look as Trash, Photoshop filter is bad =\


    You're Dead!


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