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KiLLeR Studios

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KiLLeR Studios


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  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Art & Rendering
  • Coding/Scripting
  • Compiling
  • Concept Art
  • Mapping
  • Modelling
  • Server Administration
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • Texturing
  • Video Production
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    Counter-Strike 1.6
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    Counter-Strike: Source
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    Cry of Fear
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    Garry's Mod
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    Goldsource Engine
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    I just had to remove nine submissions from this studio. Read the rules. If anything else is removed from here or if there are any other infractions, the studio will be removed.
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    Hi there, unfortunately you'll have to abide by the following rule:

    1.5 Submissions

    Studios must only make studio releases when the release has been developed by the studio -minimum two contributing authors. Studios found to be releasing works they are not responsible for will be removed (Ex: Uploading 'Googled' Images).

    As such, a spray submission may only be a studio release if the image was originally created by the studio. Googled images that are not heavily altered to be considered original works cannot be studio releases. Images that are simply converted to spray format also cannot be studio releases.

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    Thar be snow.
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