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Download : Random Weapon soundmod

A Sound Mod for Killing Floor 2

  • access_time 2mo cloud_download 5 save 6,174,791 bytes (6 mb)

Archive Contents

  • Contains 23 files & 2 directories Raw file list
    • Wwiseaudio/
      • Windows/
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_1911.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_EXP_Grenade_EMP.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_EXP_Grenade_Frag.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_EXP_Grenade_HE.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_Freeze_Grenade.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_G18c.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_HZ12.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_M99.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_MEL_IonThruster.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_MosinNagant.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_DesertEagle.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_EBR.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_MedicAssault.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_MedicDart.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_MedicPistol.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_MedicShotgun.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_RPG7.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_Railgun.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_SCAR.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_SW500.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_Shotgun.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_SA_Winchester.bnk
        • WwiseDefaultBank_WW_WEP_Thompson.bnk

Alternate File Sources

Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:


Copy the WWiseaudio folder to
Documents\My Games\KillingFloor2\KFGame\published\BrewedPC
(if there arent folders like that, you have to create them yourself)

Delete the sound file .bnk you dont like in
Documents\My Games\KillingFloor2\KFGame\published\BrewedPC\WwiseAudio\Windows


By downloading you agree to the submitter's license.

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