Download : DustyOldRoses Femscout Soundpack

A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2

Archive Contents

  • dustyoldroses_femscout_soundpack_35_2.rar Contains 5 files & 5 directories Raw file list
    • DustyOldRoses Femscout Soundpack 3.5.2014/
      • Alternate lines (Femclass compatible)/
        • Alternate Lines (Female Class Compatible).vpk
      • Alternate lines (Gender Neutral and Corrected)/
        • Alternate Lines (Gender Neutral, Gender Correct).vpk
      • Femscout Robot/
        • Fem_ScoutROBOTpack.vpk
      • Femscout main soundpack/
        • Femscout main soundpack 3.5.14.vpk
      • READ ME femscout 3.5.2014.txt

Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:

1). Download and unzip the .rar file. The main soundpack is

in the "Normal" folder: "Fem_ScoutVoicepack".

2.) Open your Steam directory to

"steamapps/COMMON/team fortress 2/tf"

In the "tf" folder their should be a "custom" folder.

Put the "Fem_ScoutVoicepack" file in the "custom" folder.

3). If you are using any other female Merc Like Spy,

Engineer, Heavy, etc., open up the "Female-Correct" Folder

or "Non-Female Alt" and pick the alt pack you want to

change. Included is a list of files it will over write. NOTE:

You will need to install the MAIN soundpack for any ALT

pack to work.

By downloading you agree to the submitter's license.

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