Scotch's Realistic Chainsaw

A Sound Mod for Left 4 Dead 2

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Preview fixed and credits extended by KillerExe_01.

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A realistic replacement for Valve's default ear raper.

I personally find some of the sound design in L4D2 rather odd. The melee weapons especially. A lot of them sound ugly and unpleasant. The chainsaw in particular had such a strange quality to the sound that it no longer really sounded like a chainsaw, but instead like a some dragster engine attached to a chainsaw. I got some real recordings to add a much needed realism to the chainsaw. It makes it sound much more like the real thing, and is much easier on the ears. To install simply extract the "sound" folder into your Steam/steamapps/*username*/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2 folder. Be sure to back up the original.



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  • 4y
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    Why doesn't it loop .3.
  • 7y
    EdwardElric215 avatar
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    so this is the reason the l4d1 survivors hated nick, because i think they hear this sound.
  • 7y
    B3RTNE! avatar
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    It sounds amazing,I use it, it just needs to be a little louder. Chainsaws are extremely loud.


  • 8y
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    Original chainsaw sounds are much loud in my opinion. These are relistic and with right volume. Thanks.


    Hello mate
  • 8y
    Awesome acting moment! God I hated that line so fucking much! And everyone knows that Nick is a total fucking bad ass!
  • 8y
    Th0raxe_III avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    Rochelle I SAW what you did there
    This but a scrash
  • 8y
    Akiba879 avatar
    Akiba879 Offline
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    EXCELLENT SOUNDS MAN! I was always wondering if they had put a Mini dragster engine in that chainsaw and now I can rest knowing that you have fixed that engine and mede it sound like a real chainsaw. AND MAN THE PREVIEW WAS AMAZING! like always...
  • 8y
    RihannaSoSexy avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    2,261 points Ranked 2061st
    Pros: Amazing sound. Extremely well Produced and let me just say; totally badass. Fits the l4d2 world perfectly, No scratching or hissing bugs. This chainsaw sound should be the default.

    Cons: I find that the sound may be a bit too quiet. I really want to hear the power and i feel it lacks a little in the volume department. (Hence my Clarity rating of 8.5)

    Improvements: I'd love to see you update this with maybe the default volume sounds, and include a separate folder with louder versions.

    Notes: Other than what I've mentioned above, i think that you've made a purely awesome replacement here.

    My only other suggestion would be to speak to Anders (maker of realistic soundpack l4d2), and see if you can get your sound added to his pack. Good work.


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    Wannabe Skin Critic
  • 8y
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    Where to download the sample you got in here! I lolled so loud i nearly died sufucated.

    Nice sounds.
    Headshots. What else? avatar
    Headshots. What else?
  • 8y
    LolzMan1325 avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    Ambience: Awesome, fits very very well in l4d2 as a very strong weapon.
    Clarity: Very clear, no fuzzy compression bullshit or anything like that.
    Realism: I feel like I'm slicing zombies in half with my own chainsaw.


    Making Life Awesome Everyday
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01DodgeRAM1500V8 (YouTuve channel)
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Airbourne sound ( user)
various chainsaw sound releases
free sound provider


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