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Firearms: Source 2.0 Weapon Sound Pack for CS:GO

A Sound Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Replaces weapon sounds for matching guns in both FA:S 2.0 and CS:GO

Video Preview and Installation Guide ==================================== [YouTube Preview]( "YouTube Preview") Quick jump to the [installation guide at 3:16]( "installation guide") in the same video Maybe you want to replace your own sounds? ========================================== Figuring out exactly how to make this work was quite a challenge. If you're going to make your own custom sounds for CS:GO, there's a few things you'll need to know. You must customize your "game\_sounds\_weapons.txt" file. Either duplicate this file located in the scripts folder, or modify the one included in this sound pack. You'll see things like this in the default script file: //Bizon "Weapon_bizon.Single" { "channel" "CHAN_STATIC" "volume" "1.0" "pitch" "PITCH_NORM" "soundlevel" "SNDLVL_93dB" "wave" ")weapons/bizon/bizon-1.wav" You will need to modify the path specified on the "wave" line of script. Most easily you can change the name of the folder directory, and make a new folder in the sounds folder that matches the path specified here. It could now look something like this: //Bizon "Weapon_bizon.Single" { "channel" "CHAN_STATIC" "volume" "1.0" "pitch" "97,107" "soundlevel" "SNDLVL_93dB" "wave" ")fas_weapons/bizon/bizon-1.wav" You may also notice that I added pitch randomization values. That's always fun :) Try numbers between 1 and 200. 100 is default. *********************** It is now confirmed that you need to match the length of your new sound files with the length of the sound files your replacing, DOWN TO THE SAMPLE! I matched the length of times of the new sounds, to the EXACT same length of time as the original sounds found in the vpk. If you do not make them match, then the engine will make all sorts of glitchy bleeps and blip sounds on those particular mismatched files.. nasty stuff.***********************
Now the inclusion of this last step is what makes this finally work, and that is to type in the console (once your done and ready to test them ingame) "snd_updateaudiocache". This tells the engine to look for anything that has changed compared to what has been saved in the .vpk files, and will update the cache to include them. This lasts until you re-install the game or "verify integrity of cache". This should work for you, so enjoy your new sound experience in CS:GO!



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    Wasn't Engineer also part of the FA:S sound team?
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    thank you sooo much :)
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    I really like CS:GO for the most part but the official sounds are one of the biggest letdowns for me. Counter-Strike weapons have always sounded meaty as hell but in GO they just don't.
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    Hey thanks man! I thought custom sounds would be impossible but this helped out greatly. =]
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Sound Design


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Development Info

Upon the release of FA:S 2.0 on Steam, v2 of this pack will be released, giving new sounds to the rest of the weapons in CS:GO.
Need some sounds to play with? Check out the description in this YouTube video for a link to hundreds of gunshot sounds to test out and use for whatever!


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