Download : Xbox Live Vision camera

A Skin Mod for Garry's Mod 9

  • 11y old 2,878 DLs 153 kb

Archive Contents

  • Contains 11 files & 8 directories Raw file list
    • Xbox Live Vision camera/
      • Read me or I will eat your soul.txt
      • materials/
        • models/
          • xbox live camera/
            • xbox live camera.vmt
            • xbox live camera.vtf
      • models/
        • xboxlivecamera/
          • xboxcamera.dx80.vtx
          • xboxcamera.dx90.vtx
          • xboxcamera.mdl
          • xboxcamera.phy
          • xboxcamera.sw.vtx
          • xboxcamera.vvd
      • settings/
        • menu_props/
          • Xbox Live Camera.txt

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Installation Instructions

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