Download : [AK-47]By Red

A Skin Mod for Half-Life: Opposing Force

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Main File Info

Archive Contents
  • gearbox/
    • models/
      • p_9mmAR.mdl
      • v_9mmAR.mdl
      • w_9mmAR.mdl
      • w_9mmARclip.mdl
    • sound/
      • items/
        • boltpull1.wav
        • clipinsert1.wav
        • cliprelease1.wav
      • weapons/
        • hks1.wav
        • hks2.wav
        • hks3.wav
        • pl_gun3.wav
    • sprites/
      • muzzleflash1.spr
      • richo1.spr

Installation Instructions

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