Download : Cs 1.6 black skin weapons

A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

Archive Contents

  • _1840-.rar Contains 13 files & 1 directory Raw file list
    • black skin weapons by Alexandrovich/
      • v_ak47.mdl
      • v_aug.mdl
      • v_awp.mdl
      • v_deagle.mdl
      • v_g3sg1.mdl
      • v_galil.mdl
      • v_glock18.mdl
      • v_hegrenade.mdl
      • v_m4a1.mdl
      • v_scout.mdl
      • v_sg552.mdl
      • v_usp.mdl
      • v_xm1014.mdl

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