Fixed Invulnerability Textures 2.0

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UPDATED! (12/05/10) Updated Demoman textures with the new sticky bomb emblem. UPDATED! (10/14/10) Updated Sniper textures for the Mann-Conomy Update. Shugo? Doing a 2.0 release? It's more likely than you think. Many loved them before, and hopefully many will love them again; it's the Fixed Invulnerability Textures, now fixing itself! Long story short, the default invuln textures are terrible and the ones I released eons ago had their own fair share of problems. My modding experience since then has enabled me to do a much better job on them this time. I don't think I did a great job at explaining the problems with the default textures last time, so this time I brought pictures! Check out the images for educational anti-default-textures propaganda. Also now featuring Hecates' Sniper glasses! His Medic backpack mod isn't included since it's a model edit (and I wanted to keep this to textures), but it will be in our upcoming collaborative megapack! Stay tuned!



  • 1mo
    Please, port this to the steam workshop! VALVe NEEDS to see your job and officialy add it to the game!!!
  • 9mo
    ##datman## avatar
    ##datman## Offline
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    can you make a alternate version that brings back the demoman invuln texture before you changed it for the new emblem
    STAAAAAAPH avatar
  • 4y
    Cal-See-Yum avatar
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    > **Posted by BligenN**

    > Would it be possible to get some Before and After screenshots? :(

    Would it be possible to actually look at ALL screenshots and compare? They've been there forever in a day.
    ~needs a good description~
  • 4y
    BligenN avatar
    BligenN Offline
    Member Joined 4y
    105 points Ranked 26964th
    Would it be possible to get some Before and After screenshots? :(
    • Dumb x 2
  • 5y
    R.M.T.B. avatar
    R.M.T.B. Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    Maybe you could update this for the robot uber textures?
  • 5y
    A Gent of a Pyro avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    177 points Ranked 19102nd
    This REALLY needs to go official if you ask me
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    Sire of 2Fort
  • 6y
    Edude357 avatar
    Edude357 Offline
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    - Agreed send to VALVe!
  • 6y
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    Send this to Valve please
    Retired King Midas
  • 7y
    jmingrao avatar
    jmingrao Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    hey shugo, could you possibly update this so the demoman uses his current emblem.
    its a little strange to me that the icon changes when they ubercharge :)
  • 7y
    Anonynja avatar
    Anonynja Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    Pros: Wow, i logged on and the first match i saw with an ubered pair was very noticeable! love the eye improvements, and it just seems..shinier, more snazzy :D
    Cons: None, but i like to try to think of something to did seem to shimmer a little pixely, this could be my resolution (1400x900) or maybe a map is different.
    Improvements: zip
    Notes: thank you!




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Key Authors
Shugo Takahashi
Coloring Effects, Engineer/Pyro Eye Effects
Original Authors
Original Player Textures
Sniper Sunglasses Effect


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Shugo Takahashi
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