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Weapons Pack for GMod 9 + DUAL ELITES!

A Skin Mod for Garry's Mod 9

HELLYEAH! After a full year of random, pointless experiments in GMod 9, I decided to round up my best SWEP creations and show them to the world. This weapons pack contains 10 of my favorite guns based in original Valve skins (in this case the weap skins from CS:S), from machine pistols to automatic sniper rifles, and, of course, the mighty Dual Elites from CS:S. Here's a full list of the weapon pack: Real Guns - RPK Support Weapon - H&K G3 Combat Rifle - Dual Elites (Akimbo M9s) Immaginary Weaps (invented by me!) - USPmod - fully automatic version of the USP - KR-98 w/ Shotgun - assault rifle with two firing modes - KR-09 Assault Rifle - KR-86 Tactical Sniper Rifle (TSR) - Scoped KR-01 - Tesla Sniper - no comments on this one! - Destroyer - an overpowered shotgun capable of killin an antlion guard in one shot... just for fun! Installing the pack couldn't be easier. Just unzip the two folders and extract them to the following location: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\gmod9\lua\weapons To use the weaps in-game, just access the GMod menu (press Q) and search for the desired gun in the SWEP Weapons section. (The dualies are in the Counter-Strike category.) Note: lua scripting isn't a hard job. Why don't you start making your own immaginative weapons today? You just need notebook... and some patience! Good gaming!



  • 8y
    mr crowley avatar
    mr crowley Joined 9y ago
    well... the dual elites are in the counter-strike section! at least i think so... XD
    All your base avatar
    All your base
  • 8y
    Adam. avatar
    Adam. Joined 8y ago
    very nice 10/10! the thing i love the most is the destroyer but i can't find the dualies...
    The future is gone..for now. avatar
    The future is gone..for now.


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Key Authors
Mr Crowley AKA TheNightracer
Special Thanks
creating GMod!


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mr crowley Joined 9y ago

mr crowley
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