Beta style heavy v2

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beta style heavy

The HD gibs are only for heavy weapons guy! Try this skin with beta style lightwarp.It looks awesome! Links for lightwarps ( or ([page]=3&mn=1).


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  • Gloveless Heavy model has been released and is compatible with all custom skins. REJOICE!
    Chill out
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  • Ethan Asia avatar
    Ethan Asia Joined 9y ago
    I think the RED heavy is too detailed. Make him more like the BLU one and you'll have my download :D
    The Doctor
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  • Stachekip avatar
    Stachekip username pic Joined 9y ago
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    Best Beta Heavy on the site. If you really don't like the white teeth, just delete "Heavy_head.vtf" and the white teeth is gone. Btw, I made a Blu version of the Red Heavy.
    the snacker
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  • gmorph avatar
    gmorph Joined 10y ago
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    Pros: The most perfect Beta Heavy I ever saw here. Cons: Gloves. Improvements: If you have modelling skills, try to make him gloveless, I would definitely download it (I downloaded this one) Notes: Thanks for using my lightwarp! (Well, I think you're using it)
    Beta TF2 Lover avatar
    Beta TF2 Lover
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  • OniFox avatar
    OniFox Joined 9y ago
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    pretty nice done. I would like to see the blue heavy have beta skin aswell. Even if i failed twice on making a beta skin im still making a 3rd atempt. Also the shoes are great and they look just like the ones in the beta. However i cant say the same for the vest because on the picture im using to make the 3rd atempt with the vest was a little more brigh on the part where its dark and at the place where the big squares are there should be a big line... you know what its hard to explain but nice skin anyway. I would like to use it if i hadnt start making my own skins and i would like to see the skin without bright teeths and with the beta arms (the non gloves) but to make the beta arms you first need a modelling program so you should get that first.
    Professional Furry-Hater Hater
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  • dodospambot avatar
    dodospambot Joined 9y ago
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    I haven't seen that picture of heavy before thanks a lot shugo!
    Makin' Bakin'
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  • i dont kknow why but when i first saw this is reminded me of atlas from bioshock
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  • Shugo Takahashi avatar
    Shugo Takahashi Joined 11y ago
    Nicely done, but I have a few qualms: First and most noticeably, I don't like the normal map you gave it. The ridges look too defined and too sharp; it just looks too visually messy compared to what was seen in the beta trailer. They need to be a bit softer in appearance. Also it seems that they go over red Heavy's two white buttons; you should fix that. Second, you got red Heavy's belt buckle wrong. The shape is a star. You can still see it here: and in the current Heavy's exponent map. That should be plenty of reference to recreate it from. Lastly, it also appears that you forgot red Heavy's zipper. You can see it in the image I linked to above. Thanks a lot for this skin, though. It's about damn time someone made it!
    You need to calm down.
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  • Gigante avatar
    Gigante Joined 10y ago
    358 points Ranked 48100th
    it looks verry good, but as mentioned before, the tooth are way to bright :p, and the hud is to bright to in my oppinion, anyway good yob! i realy like it
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  • Goozer avatar
    Goozer Joined 10y ago
    333 points Ranked 48862nd
    Detail: Very detailed. You added HD Gibs too. Model: That's default Valve model. Texture: Well done.
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dodospambot avatar
dodospambot Joined 9y ago
150 points Ranked 59488th
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