New Female Medic

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

A custom female replacement model for the Medic and sound pack

Female Medic Re-Release
26 Aug 11

What's new?

- If sound wasn't working for you before, it should now.

To install the female version, unzip contents into the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\*STEAMUSERNAME*\team fortress 2\tf

This mod includes extra features, such as refitted hat models and a voice pack.
To remove them, simply delete the files or move them to another folder. Have fun!
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  • I like this skin, I only have one small problem, I can not install it, I did exactly as it said in the instructions but it just does not work, it would be nice to have at least one video showing how to install

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  • Is this- uh, "compatible" with the burly beast? asking for a friend.
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  • I really am interested in trying this mod, but I only have one problem. I've tried to use the Medic Animation Mod from here before, however whilst trying to get it to work (which may had been from putting into the wrong file), I looked up a video on how to install it correctly, then I found a comment in the comment section. Apparently due the new vac or Meet Your Match update, the mod is no longer usable on valve servers. Even after getting the mod into the right file, still no luck on community servers. Please could someone verify if the mod can still work (ever on valve or community servers).
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  • nice
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  • Ok so idk if I have to do something special with the Medic file (the one that contains Materials, models, and sound because I just rename the file to tf and slam it into my custom folder. It doesn't work properly...
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  • I really enjoy the skin but it's a real wonder if you make a full set of acses which are really looking  OK on her. Like I can't do wonders...
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  • Is this not going to be updated anymore? It's a shame, considering the skin is pretty high quality.

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  • forgive me for my possible stupidity, but i threw the files into tf/custom/fem med and the model worked quite fine in my words that is. her eyes are gone and slight male medic chin shown, but other than that im quite excited to see if half way enjoyable. there are a few hats / misc i tried on thru the mann co store and to my surprise it fits well, especially the geisha boy fits in with her default hair, the Ward fits her perfectly and a scarf (some. didnt check all) fit her perfectly to. i know that wont satisfy alot of you but to me, bein able to have this skin workin ALMOST "fully" is good enough for me. here are some screenshots of what it looks like in game. ill be using this for a good long while. hopefully one day someone comes along and updates this skin. i really am tempted but i know nothing of skin editing and i can see it's gonna be a hell hole to do. here are the 3 screenshots i took.

    idk what to put here
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    Do you mind if I make a version of this based on the original concept art? It'd probably be pretty crappy, since I've never edited a skin before, but I think it'd be pretty cool, and as is my way, I will of course obsessively and compulsively credit you.
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    > **Posted by Gam3rfreak1290** > > > **Posted by correira121** > > > > highly doubt this is getting an update....this has gone the way of the fem heavy and fem spy > > Eh, if Corvalho's Fempyro is any indication, someone is gonna remake those as well as this eventually. I'm not saying it will be me, I'm saying someone who does NOT suck at modding will, eventually. i doubt one seems to be interested in this model and the heavy's model anymore...which is a shame cause i like both and if i could i would totally update both of them
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Key Authors
Shaylyn Hamm
Medic voice actress
Mr. Dude
Added proper lip sync functionality to the sound files
Special Thanks
Karl Patton, Sr.
MIT Advisor
Tuan Tran
big helper
Dr. Wangman
another big helper


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Chemical Alia
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Development Info

This project was developed as part of my Masters thesis at The Guildhall at SMU, The Aesthetics of Unique Video Game Characters. This project explores the creative process of distinctive and appealing female game characters through the design and creation of these two characters. I refined my characters throughout the course of the project through feedback gathered from several different gaming/art communities on the internet. By responding to the most common suggestions and comments among different ages, genders, and gamer types, I was able to iteratively design characters with a broad appeal.


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Player Model
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Custom Texture


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